Woofstock Toronto

Let the Dog Days of Summer Begin!

Cora joining the crowd at the TAGS family reunion

With the hot weather and a weekend of dog activities scheduled, my past weekend really went to the dogs. On Saturday, TAGS hosted a “family reunion,” inviting back all of the dogs who had ever been adopted through the rescue. So I brought Cora and Dusty to the TAGS dog park, where they played a little, sniffed a lot, and enjoyed socializing with their own kind. While there, I also bought some of the wonderful homemade dog cookies a volunteer is making to raise money for TAGS. They were a big hit with all three of my dogs! (By the way, I didn’t bring Hogan only because I thought he’d be more stressed out than happy with so many dogs around.)

Cora, Sherlock, and Dusty checking each other out

Cora loving an open window for a few minutes during a slow drive












Then on Sunday, I packed up Dusty (our most social dog), his Cool Coat, his Gulpy, my mom, my mother-in-law, and a cooler filled with water and headed into the smoggy city for Woofstock! I felt bad contributing to the smog by taking the car, but I worried about Dusty getting into a barking fit on the GO train (once he starts barking, it’s not always easy to get him to stop).

Dusty cooling his paws at Woofstock

Thanks to his Cool Coat, Dusty managed to stay refreshed despite the 40-degree (with humidex) heat and hardly panted at all during our hour-and-a-half trek through the crowded street. He enjoyed sniffing all of the other dogs and didn’t make a peep the whole time we were there. He was patient with me when I wanted to stop and look at something he had no interest in (collars, T-shirts, and Scruffy Dog Photography, one of my two main reasons for going and where I was really hoping his picture would be taken, but no such luck) and wagged his tail excitedly when we stopped for something he was interested in (cookies, liver treats, doggy frozen yogurt).

We saw lots of Harlequin Great Danes, but none as big as our friend Mumford, who visited last weekend.

My new T-shirt (proceeds to Big on Beagles)!

As always, Dusty was an angel in the car, too. We are fortunate to have adopted three dogs who enjoy car rides and settle quickly. We just seatbelt them in and go. Sometimes they look out the window; other times they relax on their bed and have a snooze. On our way into Toronto, I had to have my mother-in-law look behind her to make sure we actually DID have Dusty in the car. He was that quiet.

One of the best parts of having dogs is doing fun, out-of-the-ordinary things with them, so as far as I’m concerned, a dog-centric weekend like this past one is pretty darn close to perfect! What sorts of fun activities do you do with your dogs?