homemade dog food

Cora’s, Dusty’s, and Hogan’s Homemade Dog Food

Every two weeks, I prepare a batch of food* for the freezer. It takes about an hour to prepare, and the dogs all love it! (My husband wasn’t thrilled when I began to cook for the dogs but still didn’t cook for him, but he’s getting over it. :))


3 lbs ground chicken

3 1/2 cups rice

Mmm mmm good!

10 cups water

1 tsp minced garlic (some recommend against giving garlic to dogs, but holistic books highly recommend it)

2 tsp rosemary

1 can of peas and carrots (water not drained)

1 large can of yams (water not drained)

1/2 bag of frozen mixed veggies (green beans, wax beans, and carrots)

2 cubes of frozen spinach

1/2 cup fresh blueberries

optional: 1 can crushed pineapple (I recently added this because I’ve read it should stop dogs from eating their own pooh, which Dusty unfortunately has done)


Put water, rice, chicken, rosemary, and garlic in a large pot. Once the concoction comes to a boil, set to simmer for 20 minutes. Meanwhile, puree together the frozen vegetables, the spinach, and the yams, and chop the blueberries. Once the rice is cooked, add the pureed veggies and simmer for another five minutes. Add the peas and carrots and the blueberries. Turn off the stove, and mix everything together thoroughly. Let it cool; then add pineapple (optional), scoop the food into Tupperware containers, and freeze what you don’t need immediately.


Dusty’s 29 lbs and very active, so at each feeding he gets about 1/3 cup+ (heaping) of Orijen and about 1/3 cup of homemade food twice a day. We also give the dogs flax seed oil, vitamins and minerals for dogs, and glucosamine with their 6 p.m. meal. Outside of their meals, they get two snacks (3 p.m. and 10 p.m.) as well as training treats during walks. We walk them for two hours each day.

*Modified from a recipe I found on Allrecipes.com.