dog peeing in the house


It struck me today when I saw that someone had searched for “uncontrollable barking” and arrived at my site that I have some initial posts that don’t have follow-ups, so I’m going to make this post all about updating you on some situations I’ve blogged about before. I figure it’s a good way to wind up the year.

Hogan doesn't get the whole winter-coat thing.

Update 1: Since “Dusty’s Uncontrollable Barking” is the post that prompted this update, I’ll start with that update. A couple of weeks ago, we decided to try the citronella collar…and it really worked! We put it on Dusty first thing in the morning (around 7:15 a.m.) and took it off after our evening walk (around 6:00 p.m.). The spray didn’t come out every time he barked, but it worked often enough to make him reconsider barking. We used it for five days in a row and have put it on him only a couple of times since then. He now thinks twice about barking. When we open the door to the backyard, he still barks up a storm as he leaves the house, but we figure this is a hunting instinct, and we’ve decided more or less to let it happen since it stops once he’s hit the ground. Now that we’ve got Dusty’s barking under control, we may have to try the collar on Hogan. Hogan was super-quiet when we got him, but when Dusty was at his worst, Hogan joined the chorus, and he’s not stopping even though, most often, his is a lone voice now.

Cora in her favourite spot (on the love seat in the office).

Update 2: We initially purchased the D.A.P. collar for Cora because of her peeing in the house. It seemed to curb the peeing at first, but since the indoor urination was so sporadic, it was hard to tell if the collar was all that effective. It did seem to ease some of her anxiety, though (which I’ve detailed here). We now have another (cheaper) brand of pheromone collar on her. I think it does help with the anxiety. To address her peeing issue, the vet wanted to rule out bladder stones or other potentially dangerous medical reasons for the peeing, so yesterday Cora had an x-ray. Her innards, I’m happy to report, are picture perfect. Even her spine is in great shape, suggesting she’s got the bone structure of a young dog still. Amazing! The vet thinks the dribbling that we recently noticed may be an after-effect of Cora’s being spayed earlier this year. The peeing problem may be unrelated (and may still be anxiety related or a behavioural issue). We’re trying Cora on estrogen to see if that will reduce the dribbling in the house.

Dusty looking very handsome and completely innocent

Update 3: Dusty was diagnosed with hip dysplasia a couple of months ago. He’s also got a cruciate ligament issue, although the ligament isn’t torn. We put Dusty on Cartrophen injections to try to help rebuild the cartilage around his knee. The injections have really seemed to help. We also give him Sasha’s Blend, a glucosamine product. He often still favours his left hind leg, and I suspect surgery is inevitable, but we want to put it off as long as possible. He still runs around like a nut when he gets the chance, so his leg issues aren’t negatively affecting his quality of life—or not to any great degree anyway.

In general, the dogs are doing great—and we are loving life with the three of them!