Canada Pooch dog coats

Hogan’s Modelling Debut

Hogan in Toronto en route to Ramsden Park.

A couple of days ago, we learned that Hogan had won a contest to model Canada Pooch‘s new 2012 fall/winter coats, so today I took him to Ramsden Park in Toronto for his photo shoot.

There were a lot of other dogs there, which I admit made me a little nervous since Hogan doesn’t always place nice with others, but for the most part, he was very well behaved. Bella, an adorable pug or pug mix (also a rescue) and the poster dog for Canada Pooch, took a real liking to Hogan, and he was quite tolerant of her, even when she was getting treats from me.

Hogan and Bella









Shortly after we arrived, Hogan was measured (in public—traumatizing!). He had six coats to model, so once it was determined he was a size 16, he got to work strutting his stuff. Of course there was some primping necessary. Then he had to pose for the photographer.

Eve, the pattern maker, and Jacqueline, Canada Pooch's founder, getting the right fit.

Ariel, the photographer, getting her shot.










Between costume changes, Hogan made sure to pee on every tree at least once. He also peed on a lot of grass and eventually, despite my best efforts, on the very raincoat I chose for him. Hope he wasn’t trying to tell me something!

Hogan enjoying some downtime au naturel between costume changes.

Hogan in the raincoat I ultimately chose for him (it was a tough choice, though!).










Hogan’s penultimate costume change was into this fantastic fleece-lined hoodie (below, left). It says “Canada Pooch Athletics” on it. Isn’t it adorable?

I love this new hoodie that's coming out!

Hogan in his last coat of the day and, of course, Bella's not far away!




And at the end of the day, Canada Pooch presented Hogan with a fantastic loot bag of toys, treats, and a blanket. Not bad pay for a mere hour of looking cute for a camera!

Hogan enjoying one of his new toys on the way home.