allergy treatment for dogs

Dealing with Dusty’s Allergies

In January we started giving Dusty allergy shots in the hopes of an itch-free summer. Unfortunately, after months of ramping up the dosage, we had to stop the shots for a month and slow down the ramping-up process when his allergic reactions went berserk in the spring. He got back on course well over June and July, but August has been terribly itchy for him again.


Benadryl worked for a while (one a day at first, then two), but then it stopped working, so we introduced Benadryl spray again (and a T-shirt so he couldn’t lick the spray). When he was still scratching seemingly incessantly through the night, we switched to Chlortripolon—4 mg twice a day at first, and then 8 mg twice a day. Three days later, no improvement. Now we’ve resorted again to Vanectyl-P, the steroid/antihistamine mix we were hoping to avoid.

However, we do hope Dusty’s time on this drug will be limited to only a month. His reactions this August haven’t been nearly as bad as last year’s reactions. And by September 21, he will be on the full dose of his allergy shots. Let’s hope next summer is itch free!