allergy tests for dogs

Dusty’s Allergy Report

Well, we got Dusty’s allergy report yesterday. Seems he should never step foot outdoors again…unless we move to a concrete paradise (were there such a place). Our poor boy is allergic to every kind of grass and most weeds.

He’s allergic to everything marked with red.

Dusty trying to enjoy the outdoors from indoors.

We haven’t met with the vet yet to decide a course of action, but we’re leaning toward the eight- or nine-month course of allergy shots just so he won’t have to go through the discomfort of itchiness and gucky eyes again next August/September. Plus, we don’t want steroids to be our go-to plan again. We need to learn more yet about the options, though, before we make our decision.

For those interested, Dusty’s allergies were determined from a relatively large—and quite expensive (just over $500)—blood sample.

On the upside, we feed Dusty Orijen and have learned it doesn’t contain any of the foods he’s allergic to. Yay for Orijen!