adopt rescued dog from mexico

Happy Made-Up Birthday, Hogan!

The birthday boy

We adopted Hogan on July 1, 2011, but instead of celebrating that date as his “gotcha day,” as we did for Dusty and Cora on their adoption anniversary date (click here for more about that celebration), we decided to invent a birthday for Hogan—and what better day to celebrate our little dog from Mexico than Cinco de Mayo?

Enjoying the trails at Greenwood

So this past weekend, we dedicated a day to the dogs in honour of Hogan’s third (we’re guessing) birthday. We headed off in the morning to  Greenwood Conservation Area, only about a seven-minute drive from our house, for a nice long walk along the trails there. The dogs sniffed and peed and pooped to their hearts’ content! They really enjoy going there, but because of the bug population in the summer, we have a small window of time that we can visit Greenwood, so we’ve been taking advantage of it recently.

Hogan checking out the pinata

After many attempts, we finally got a decent shot of all three dogs with the sombreros, the cactus, and the pinata!





Later in the day, we brought out the inflatable cactus and the sombreros and went into party mode. Wes had bought a pinata, which I filled with doggy treats in hopes that Dusty and Hogan would play tug of war with it and open it. No such luck.

But we did get pictures! And, really, for us, it was all about the pictures. And they did get the treats after I opened the pinata—and for them (surprise, surprise), it was all about the treats! Everybody was happy! Happy birthday, Hogie Bear!