Dog walking

A Weekend Gone to the Dogs

Last weekend was Thanksgiving here in Canada, and after two busy weekends (one spent out of town without the dogs and the other at home but with too little dog time), I decided to ensure that my long weekend was a dog-focused one.

To that end, Cora, Dusty, and Hogan played, snuggled, walked, explored, hunted bunnies, and learned all weekend long, with walks by the lake and at the conservation area, an agility lesson for Dusty and a tricks lesson for Hogan, plenty of cuddle time on my new library chaise (with a street view that offers endless amusement), two separate doggy play dates with their friends Jake and Misha, and some quality time with their BFF, Nick (all interrupted by only one emergency, but that’s another story).

I didn’t have my camera with me as much as I should have, but here are a few pictures from our weekend!

IMGA0204 (1280x960)

Cutie-pie Hogan

IMGA0211 (1280x960)

Pretty girl Cora

IMGA0212 (1280x960)

Handsome Dusty

While Dusty and Cora adventured into the brush as much as their long leads allowed, Hogan, never one to get his feet wet or dirty, tried to stick to the paved trail whenever we emerged from the woods.

While Dusty and Cora adventured into the brush as far as their long leads allowed, Hogan, never one to get his feet wet or dirty, stuck to the paved trail whenever we emerged from the woods.

Hogan learning to go in the box.

Hogan learning to go in the box.

Prissy boy Hogan

Prissy boy Hogan (see caption above).



























And to top it all off, here’s footage from Sunday’s late-night rabbit hunt:


What Weekends Are For

We all know weekends are too short. This one was so good it felt especially short! We started it with a fun game of nosework on Friday evening after work:

(Dusty participated, too, but the video camera unfortunately died before his turn.)

On Saturday, I did my first full shift at Petsmart as a TAGS volunteer, but sadly, none of the four dogs who were scheduled showed up, so I didn’t get to hang out with dogs that afternoon.

Saturday evening we had friends over, and Dusty and Hogan played tug-of-war and wrestled for probably an hour. They were exhausted by the end of the night but still wanting to play at bedtime, though it was a little half-hearted:

Cora always wants to go for a swim!

Dusty, Hogan, you want to go for a swim?!










On Sunday morning, we packed up the dogs and a full Gulpy and took them to the lake. Cora, of course, swam, but Dusty and Hogan wanted away from the water as quickly as possible.

A quick drink of water before leaving the beach

After a walk along the beach, we strolled the waterfront trail (where I last sprained my ankle) and then ventured through the nearby neighbourhoods. They’re really beautiful. I have sworn that I want our current house to be our last house, but it’s hard not to be tempted by the proximity to the lake, the mature trees, and the active lifestyle seemingly characteristic of the people there. When we walk in our neighbourhood, we see few others walking or cycling or in-line skating—or outside at all—but the neighbourhoods by the lake were brimming with life and activity. We stopped at a little girl’s lemonade stand and imagined life there. It was enticing.

Once we got back home, I felt less inclined to move. The dogs are so content here. And we’re content here. But I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up with a lake house yet.

Our Water Baby

Looking for shells (just kidding!)

As most readers know, Cora, our little rescued beagle, is afraid of almost everything. But when we bring her anywhere near water, Cora becomes a completely different dog.

Before we left, we had to get a group shot under a shade tree

Today we took the three dogs for a walk in nearby Pickering. There are some beautiful trails there by the waterfront (Lake Ontario). Everyone loved the walk, but Cora got very excited about being able to spend time in the water (see video below). Neither of the boys would go in, which surprised me. When it comes to water, Cora’s definitely the bravest of our dogs!

After our beautiful walk and Cora’s swim, we took the dogs to Baskin Robbins, where they shared a single scoop of blackberry frozen yogurt. We thought they behaved themselves enough to deserve that rare treat. And besides, what’s a beautiful long weekend in Canada without a frozen treat?!

A Three-Dog Celebration of Spring

Spring has come early to southern Ontario, and on Saturday, although it was foggy and a little drizzly, we decided to make the most of the warmer weather with the dogs. We loaded them into the car, along with water, bowls, and towels, and took them to the TAGS dog park!










Saturday’s dog park visit was our best ever! Dusty always plays nicely with other dogs, so our larger concerns at the park are Cora and Hogan. On Saturday, though, Cora had a great time in the park, running around, occasionally saying hello to other dogs, sniffing, and doing her perimeter checks. And Hogan was an angel! Hogan is leash reactive and shows his fear of other dogs by growling or barking at them. On Saturday, though, he had no qualms with anyone. We were fortunate that the dogs who were there also weren’t interested in picking a fight. Hogan really seemed to enjoy himself, too. And as soon as he saw Andree, the trainer, he clearly remembered her from class because he went right up to her and sat down in front of her, waiting to get a treat! He’s such a cutie (and such a treat monger)!

Welcoming a new dog into the park

At the park, we saw Dexter, Joy, Tiberius and Benjamin (who are both up for adoption and are as adorable as can be), Ty, Auggie and Darwin, Amber, and a whole lot of other dogs, many of whom were there for obedience training. (We had to leave the park for 15 minutes or so while the students practised their recall. Our dogs were too distracting, not to mention distracted by the treats!) We also saw human friends Nick, Andree, Annetta, and Lindsay. It was a whole lot of fun, as you can see in the video below.

We took our cue that it was time to go home from Cora. She enjoys seeing other dogs, but when it gets noisy in the park or so chaotic that she can’t easily find us, her tail goes down and she tries to get away. We were at the park for about an hour this time before she showed signs of having had enough. Once she did, we corralled our dogs, loaded them back into the car, wiped off the worst of the mud, and headed home. It was a great day!



Our First Three-Dog Family Day

Here in Ontario, we celebrate Family Day on the third Monday of February, and since it was FAMILY Day, it was important to me to spend some quality time with my husband and the pups, although I had to get some work done, too.

We had a beautiful, sunny, mild day, so in the late afternoon, we got the dogs dressed in their sweaters and booties and loaded them into the car….

And went to a local park on Lake Ontario. We walked….

And Cora and Dusty said hi to other dogs (meanwhile, I held Hogan back while he growled and barked at them)….

And Cora and Dusty walked through puddles (Hogan, as always, tried to walk around them)….

All three dogs sniffed trees and bushes and garbage cans….

And even the lake and all of the scents its breeze carried….










It was a great walk on a gorgeous day…with our wonderful family. 🙂