About Dusty

Our little Dusty is a character…and not all that little. He’s got a big head, a long body, and short little legs, the front two of which are turned out, ballerina style. As my husband says, he’s the redheaded stepchild. But we adore our Dusty!

Dusty's adoption picture

Dusty is a basset hound cross who was rescued from a Kentucky shelter, where he was born. All of his siblings were adopted out as pups, but at about 10 months, Dusty was still there and creeping toward the top of the “euthanize” list. That’s when TAGS stepped in.

Unbelievably to us, Dusty was in foster care for more than four months before we came along. He’d had one family show interest in him, but they decided against adopting him after the home visit (and we’re so glad they did!). The exact opposite happened with us. We actually passed on Dusty when we met him at Petsmart (read why here) but were convinced to include him in our home visit with Cora (TAGS thought he’d be a good match for Cora). And it was at the home visit that he won us over!

Dusty is a super-energetic dog whose favourite game is tug-of-war. He also enjoys fetch but isn’t always good at dropping the ball, so we’ve got some work to do there. Dusty plays well with his little (although not younger) brother, Hogan, most of the time. He’s got more energy and more weight behind him than Hogan, so we occasionally have to break up their wrestling matches.

Dusty at the dog park

A pretty smart cookie, Dusty is really trainable and did well in his obedience class. He’s also quite stubborn, though, so he won’t always choose to do what we want him to do. He’s still only about a year and a half, though, so he’s got quite a bit of puppy in him yet.

Dusty’s worst attribute is that he will eat anything (including blankets), characteristic of hounds, we’ve learned. He also has a really loud bark that once started moves into autopilot mode and is hard to put a stop to. He barks when he’s excited or wants to play, but his bark is often enough to frighten away other dogs, so he sabotages himself that way. Silly boy! He’s also vocal in other ways, often expressing himself with moans or groans. The clarity of his expression always makes us laugh.

We think that Dusty might be crossed with Dachshund, but others have thought beagle. His body is slinkier than a beagle’s though. Any idea what Dusty might be crossed with? Let me know in the comments!

Dusty’s Likes and Dislikes

✓ walks
✓ eating grass and anything interesting found on our walks
✓ wrestling with his brother
✓ curling up in too-small beds
✓ making himself look super-long
✓ going to the TAGS dog park
✓ visitors
✓ being petted by anyone and everyone
✓ watching TV
× our leaving home without him
× ear cleanings
× not being played with 24/7
× showers/baths

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