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A Successful Return to Agility Trialing

Yesterday we attended our first agility trial of the year. And I’m so glad we did! Dusty and Hogan both had perfect runs and Q’d (qualified), meaning both of them are now out of Starter Jumpers and moving on to Advanced Jumpers!

We drove an hour and a half each way to get to the agility trial, and between them, the boys ran a total of 59.46 seconds, but the early Sunday-morning wake-up and the long drive were well worth that minute! Dusty won the 10″ Specials class with a great time of 23.3 seconds, and Hogan came in second with a time of 36.16 seconds (45 seconds were allotted). My boys did me proud!

Hogan and Dusty wearing their ribbons proudly, supported by their loving sister, Cora.

Hogan and Dusty wearing their ribbons proudly, supported by their loving sister, Cora.

I’ve been taking Hogan to a different agility class, this one at Dogs on Campus in Oshawa, and I think it’s been good for both me and him. Hogan’s confidence and motivation seem to be increasing in the new class, which is great to see. I really like both of our trainers, and I’ve learned different things from each of them. I’m still not a great handler or trainer (I’m too uncoordinated, I think), but I do have fun challenging myself to learn these things.

But, more important, I think the dogs really enjoy it. And while they may not care that they earned these ribbons, I know that they are being exposed to a variety of situations and events and have richer, more full lives for it. That’s what really means the most.

The video below shows our two runs and, since I didn’t want Cora to feel left out, includes her craziness at bedtime a couple of nights ago. Under her shy, frightened exterior lives a kooky little girl. Between the three of them, we have a whole lot of laughter and joy in our home!