The Junebug Mystery Solved!

Thanks, everyone, for playing guess Junebug’s breeds. And huge thanks to Cathy for inviting me to host it. As I said, Junebug is a bit of a Popeye dog. Definitely living up to her looks.

Junebug7Before I got the results I expected her to have golden retriever, husky, and collie or sheltie. I also think the way she paddles around in the water must be what duck tollers do (though I’ve never seen that).

Here’s what the DNA test said—her silky golden fur and friendly nature have many people guessing (correctly) that she’s part golden retriever. Her pointy nose, watchful nature and loyalty is all collie. Her outdoorsy tendency, her black stripe, and her independence comes, as Nick guessed, from her husky ancestor. She also has a bit of Labrador retriever, which I think accounts for her wedge-shaped ears and pink nose and her love of water and balls, though that is tempered as I mentioned. Her wildcard, though, was completely unexpected. It is another sporty/athletic dog—the German short-haired pointer. I do see a few spots on her white paws (though that could be from the collie), and I’m told that GSPs are the best all-round athletes and hunters. I think that’s where the pointy head comes from, too.

Looks as if the winner is Johanna with three correct—golden, collie, and husky. Thanks again! October is adopt a rescue month. Junebug is a poster girl for that!

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