Dusty: Rising Agility Star

Tonight Dusty had his first outdoor agility lesson, and it was great! He still barked a lot and wanted to go, go, go nonstop, but having a larger course to run and more space seemed to make him focus a little better on the task at hand while he was running.

Unlike Hogan, Dusty is very ball-motivated, so instead of treats at the end of his run, his reward is having the ball thrown.


Really, the only thing slowing Dusty down is me, so I’ve got to improve my cardio so I can run faster. I also need to develop a different style with Dusty than I have when running Hogan. Whereas Hogan won’t go into a tunnel unless I’m right beside him, Dusty can be sent into the tunnel or over a jump from a few feet away. I just keep forgetting that.

Here’s video of his biggest run today:

We’re still several lessons away from competing, but we may yet see Dusty at an agility trial before the summer’s out. Hope Hogan won’t mind having a fellow champ in the family!



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