Hogan’s Last Agility Class before His Big Day

On Sunday, Hogan attended his last agility class before his first trials, and he did great in class. But, boy, am I ever nervous about the trials! Our trainer, Liz, asked what my goal for the trials is: I just want Hogan not to pee in the ring! That will be success. Of course, I’d really love him to finish the course without missing an obstacle (he’s not typically fast, so I don’t expect speed), but I’d be happy with no peeing.

Last week, Hogan got his Agility Association of Canada ID card in the mail, and he will get his official measurement on February 24, at the trials. I hope his jump height will be 10 inches so that he can participate in the “regular” category rather than the “specials,” but regardless, he will be jumping 10 inches.

Of course, I’ll post his results after his competition, but in the meantime, here’s a short video of how he’s doing in class:

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