Hogan’s Adorable Mix Revealed!

When I told people about Dusty’s DNA test results, many had the same reaction we did: “That can’t be right! Do those DNA tests really work?”

But where'd he get those ears?!

But where’d he get those ears?!

Nevertheless, we bought another test—this one for Hogan and from a different lab, a lab that tested for the breeds of terrier we thought Hogan might be…none of which he is.

Whereas the DNA My Dog test told us what percentage of each breed exists in Dusty and Cora (for example, Cora is at least 81% beagle), the Wisdom Panel test told us about Hogan’s ancestry. And like something out of a Jane Austen love story, it appears Hogan’s parents came from very different social classes. One parent was a purebred going back three generations; the other was a mutt born of mutts. One great-grandparent on the mutt side, though, was a purebred.

So, Hogan, it turns out, is 50% miniature Schnauzer (on the “pure side”), and has evidence of the following six breeds on the other side: Pekingese (with a purebred great-grandparent), petit basset Griffon Vendéen, French bulldog, standard poodle, border terrier, and Japanese chin. Surprisingly (considering his coat), border terrier makes up only 5.48% of Hogan’s mutt side.

Once we got the results and looked at Hogie with that knowledge in hand, we suddenly saw Schnauzer in his eyes and eyebrows. His fur length and wiriness could come from the petit basset Griffon Vendéen, and his colouring, most certainly, from the border terrier. I really don’t see any of the snub-nosed Pekingese, Frenchie, or Japanese chin breeds in him; however, Pekingese are known to be intimidated by other dogs and to engage in defensive barking, and those are definitely Hogan traits.

DSCF5167I’ve always wondered where Hogan got his curly tail from, and it turns out pretty much all of his breeds have tails that curl to differing degrees when not cropped. His super-cute, mismatched ears, though, don’t make any sense. They don’t fold over like a mini Schnauzer’s uncropped ears do, yet they’re not freakishly large like the Frenchie’s pointed ears (no offence intended to any French bulldogs reading this). All of Hogan’s other breeds have floppy ears. Hm.

So there we have it. Hogan’s breeds demystified…or so we will assume.

As for the contest, several people guessed border terrier (the giveaway), but no one got two of Hogan’s mutt-side breeds. However, one person did guess Hogan’s purebred mini Schnauzer side correctly—Julie, the wonderful woman who took Hogan in and fostered him for Rat Terrier Rescue Canada when he arrived in Canada from Mexico (via the Humane Society of Cozumel Island). Congratulations, Julie!  Thanks to everyone who took a shot at guessing Hogan’s breeds!

hogan's dna

Graphic by Adrienn Tordai (thanks, Adrienn!).

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