Cora’s Secondary Breed: The Reveal

Dog park 047Not nearly as many people participated in Cora’s contest as we had take part in Dusty’s, but two people guessed Cora’s secondary breed correctly. Yay! I was going to draw a name to determine one winner, but what the heck! Let’s have two winners! Congratulations to Lori of Mississauga and TAGS volunteer Andrée! I’ll be in touch.

Cora is 80%+ beagle, and her level 4 breed is poodle! Maybe it’s the little bit of poodle in her that has made her face so white. (I refuse to believe it’s just age. She can’t be that old!)

Thanks to everyone who submitted a guess!

And stay tuned to the blog later this week for our theory on Cora’s history. If you haven’t yet read what has led to our trying to formulate a theory about her life before us, click here.

P.S. If you want to test your dog’s DNA, you can order a DNA testing kit through The Animal Guardian Society (, and $10 of the cost will be donated to TAGS!

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