Christmas 2012

We had a fantastic Christmas this year with not just three dogs but four since my mom adopted her little Mexi-mutt Misha from Loyal Rescue in August. None of the dogs have learned to open their Christmas presents yet (our Roxie was a pro at it!), but Dusty and Hogan gave it a pretty good shot, as you’ll see in the video at the end. Here are some pictures of our Christmas highlights.

Christmas 006

Misha, my mom, and Dusty

Christmas 068

Hogan, Dusty, and Misha chewing their new elk antlers (that’s not really Misha’s, but she had to have something to chew, too, so we pulled an extra one from the cupboard). The dogs’ new cheap agility equipment is in the background, too.

Mumford's visit 052

Dusty and Hogan’s new elf toy looking on while Dusty has a chew.

Christmas 002

Misha likes her new bed!

Christmas 071

Cora’s come a long way! Despite the commotion, she spent some time with us in the living room!

Christmas 004

Turns out Hogan likes Misha’s new bed, too.

Christmas 005

Looking for one last cookie before Misha goes home. Who could resist those faces?

2 Responses to Christmas 2012

  • Heather (TAGS) says:

    Everyone looks like they had fun. Even Miss Cora. love your posts, even if I don’t get to every single one of them.
    We usually let Oscar open his own present, but not this year with the cone on. But he still managed to kill the squeaker in less than an hour. This on a toy that was guaranteed to keep squeaking even when punctured. Needless to say they are sending a different toy as a replacement.
    Happy New Year to Three Dog Nights & Days from me & Oscar.

    • Cathy Witlox says:

      That’s great that Oscar can open his own present. I think Dusty and Hogan will figure it out in time. They’re close to doing it! Happy New Year to you and Oscar, too, Heather!

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