Cora: Dimwit…or Genius?

“Who? Me?”

We dog people often claim that having dogs is a lot like raising children. The headline of this post should alert you to a significant difference between these two types of dependants. I would never allude to a child being dimwitted, but I can safely suggest Cora may be because she can’t—and never will be able to—read. This inability alone, though, isn’t what makes our household believe Cora is the lowest on the intellect ladder. (Yes, we can tell Dusty and Hogan believe this of her, too.)

Here are the top five reasons we think Cora is not exactly the fizziest cola in the pop machine:

  1. When we took Cora to obedience training, we struggled to get her to learn anything. She’d just look at us with those big, fearful eyes, and we’d accept her efforts and give her a treat.
  2. When getting ready for a walk, which Cora really loves to be a part of, we have to call her numerous times before she comes to the door to get her harness on.
  3. While on a walk, Cora will often plant herself pretending she just has to sniff that particular blade of grass, but as soon as she sees a hand reach for the treat pouch, the scent is forgotten, and her snout is focused on the treat.
  4. When I bathe Cora, she absolutely refuses to shake before getting out of the shower, despite my standing in there for long minutes back-brushing her hair (it works for the boys) and demonstrating “the shake” (this is not attractive).
  5. When Cora gets in Hogan’s face and he growls at her, she merrily wags her tail, ignoring his warnings.


  1. Sweet-tempered dimwit or cunning genius?

    In Cora’s obedience class, she got treats often without having to master a command….

  2. When we’re getting ready for walks, Dusty, Hogan, Wes and I will all be bundled in our coats by the time Cora finally decides to join us, so she’s the only one not waiting….
  3. On walks, because she is so timid and we’ve worked so hard to get her to trust us (in part by pretty much never yelling at her), Cora often gets her way, sniffing when she wants to sniff, getting a treat when she wants a treat….
  4. “I’m not sitting, but look at my eyes!”

    In the shower, she’s the only dog of the three who’s figured out how to open the shower door (it swings easily in both directions). And by saving her shakes for outside the shower, she makes a mess for me to clean up, meaning I’ll want to bathe her less often….

  5. And when Cora provokes Hogan to growl, who do you think gets admonished? Not sweet, shy Cora….

Hmm. So, I think our dimwit may actually be the genius in the family. What do you think?

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