Halloween 2012

Last year, Wes and I had ideas about what costumes we’d like for the dogs, but we didn’t have time to make the costumes ourselves, so we ended up with store-bought ones, which were cute but not necessarily well matched to our dogs’ personalities (click here to see last year’s Halloween pictures).

This year, however, we made sure that we would have time to make the dogs’ costumes. We decided last year what costumes would be perfect for each of them. And this past weekend, just in time for Halloween, we sewed, glued, and tie-dyed, and here’s what we ended up with. (For those of you who follow us on Facebook, I’m sharing different pictures here than I shared there.)

“Soy un chico muy bueño! Cookie?”




When people learn Hogan came from Mexico, they usually respond, “He even looks Mexican!” So we decided to honour his heritage with a poncho and sombrero (and tequila shot glass).












“Yep, I’m the sheriff in these here parts, and don’t you forget it.”














Not only is his name “cowboyish”; Dusty just has a cowboy swagger about him. The sheriff badge wasn’t part of the original plan, but it really does complete the costume—and it suits our Dusty.










“Peace, love, Clomipramine. Yeah, man.”















Cora is our flower child. She is a gentle, peace-loving soul who often seems just a little out of it (I say that with love).



























And here are the three of them, wagging their tails, knowing they’re adorable in their costumes and looking for the treats they always get when we put them through such craziness!

Sheriff Dusty, Señor Hogan, and Cora (a.k.a. Moonbeam)

2 Responses to Halloween 2012

  • Ashley says:

    Cathy I love the costumes!!

    How did Cora do with all the trick or treators coming to your house?

    • Cathy Witlox says:

      Much better this year than last. Wes and I took turns sitting in the basement with the dogs (watching TV)/handing out candies. It worked out well because Dusty and Hogan barked a lot less than last year, and that kept Cora much calmer!

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