An Early-Morning Hunt

This morning, instead of going outside for a quick pee before breakfast, the dogs turned their first outing into an all-out rabbit hunt. They ate a full twenty minutes later than usual (Cora ate even later than that!). My dogs NEVER come late for a meal, so this was big! Poor Hogan, though, was not so happy about the situation.


Cora and Dusty zigzagged all over the backyard and side yard for a long time, starting when it was still dark out and ending in the full light of day. I love seeing Cora just being a dog without a care in the world…other than that rascally rabbit, of course. She’s funny to watch, in part because her tail seems to have a mind of its own but also because she truly just follows her nose—never allowing a hurdle or obstacle to deter her. Although she’s not a young’un, she moves pretty darn well when she wants to!

Here’s some video of the hounds on the hunt!

6 Responses to An Early-Morning Hunt

  • Mom says:

    No square foot left unchecked! LOL What a great video.
    For an older dog, Cora can jump and get into small areas with the best of them!

    • Cathy Witlox says:

      Part of the video I cut showed her crawling under things under our deck, then when Dusty tried to follow her, he couldn’t crouch enough to get under there. She’s really quite agile (and crazy!).

  • Johanna says:

    Aww! That’s so adorable. Hounds really do have that one-track mind when they catch a scent, don’t they. 🙂

  • Ashley says:


    You should bring the hounds over to my house. We live in Whitby shores and there are rabbits EVERYWHERE, we have some living underneath our deck in the middle of the deck so thankfully Mulligan can’t get to them (last season he did get one of them :o( ).
    They can sniff to their hearts desire!!

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