Our First Play Date with Misha

All the dogs welcoming Wes back into the house

Last week we took Cora, Dusty, and Hogan over to visit my mom and Misha. Misha seemed to love having other dogs over but wasn’t really sure what to do with them. When we took all four dogs for a walk, Misha kept nipping Cora’s and Hogan’s back legs. It was cute at first, but they got pretty annoyed!

Back in the house, Dusty and Hogan did their usual tug-of-war play thing after finding one of Misha’s toys. Misha kept trying to get in on the fun, but she wasn’t quite sure how. Dusty tried to include her, but Hogan wasn’t much liking that idea. (See video below.)

One of my goals for the evening was to get a good picture of Misha and Hogan, the two Mexican mutts. It was tough to do because Hogan didn’t really want anything to do with her (not unusual for Hogan, who is particular about the dogs he will get along with). But I did get a few shots. Here’s one:

The Mexi-mutts

All in all, our visit was fun. Hectic, but fun. I think they’ll all get along just fine.

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