Yes, We’ve Taught Our Dogs to Beg at the Table

Cora poking her head up to see what good stuff is on the table

It’s not at all what we’d planned. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite. For the first six or eight months after adopting Cora and Dusty (it was two and a half months later that Hogan joined the family), we avoided feeding any of the dogs while we were eating. In fact, they don’t get table scraps at all, although we do put human food in their bowls at their meal times.

However, in our efforts to bring Cora out of hiding when guests visit—only so she can learn she is safe here no matter who is in the house—we have inadvertently created beggars at the table.

Hogan has no fear and will get right up on my chair to get a full view of the table if I leave my seat.

When guests come for a meal or to play cards (also at the dining room table), we keep a small bowl of dog kibble or dog treats on the table in case Cora feels safe enough to join us. Of course, what has happened is that all three dogs now sit beside or under the table in hopes of getting something. Occasionally, Cora will even get brave enough to poke her head up over the table so she can see just what is on it.

Although we wanted our dogs never to beg for food, rewarding Cora for her bravery takes precedence. When you have an anxious or fearful dog, sometimes other training goals have to go out the window. And frankly, I’d take Cora begging at the table over her hiding in a corner any day!

3 Responses to Yes, We’ve Taught Our Dogs to Beg at the Table

  • Agnes says:

    Cathy, I agree – anything for Cora! What a sweetheart. (Love the photo. Wes is such patient dog dad.)

  • Ashley says:

    Anything for Cutie pie Cora!

    And at the end of the day they are YOUR fur babes!! Let them sit on the table if that makes Cora feel safe lol.

    Hope all is well with your clan. Mulligan starts Radical Recall at Superdogs next month!

    • Cathy Witlox says:

      Thanks, Ashley and Agnes! I know a lot of people wouldn’t understand, but you’ve both met Cora, so I think you get it. 🙂

      Ashley, my husband thinks Dusty and I should join your Radical Recall class. We may just do so!

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