A Game of Nosework

Since getting Cora, Dusty, and Hogan, I have made efforts to learn how to keep them all mentally and physically stimulated. Of course we did basic obedience training with them, but since then I’ve also been taking Hogan to agility classes, and I took Dusty to a nosework course.

This past weekend, I introduced nosework to Cora and Hogan, too. All three dogs had fun taking turns finding the bin with the liver treats. Here’s a video of Cora taking her turn:

Nosework is supposed to help dogs gain confidence, so it’s something I definitely want to continue doing with Cora. And Dusty and Hogan thought “Find the Liver Treat” was a pretty fun game, too, so I may just have to drag out these bins more often!

After the game, the dogs all checked out the magic bins.


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