Our Water Baby

Looking for shells (just kidding!)

As most readers know, Cora, our little rescued beagle, is afraid of almost everything. But when we bring her anywhere near water, Cora becomes a completely different dog.

Before we left, we had to get a group shot under a shade tree

Today we took the three dogs for a walk in nearby Pickering. There are some beautiful trails there by the waterfront (Lake Ontario). Everyone loved the walk, but Cora got very excited about being able to spend time in the water (see video below). Neither of the boys would go in, which surprised me. When it comes to water, Cora’s definitely the bravest of our dogs!

After our beautiful walk and Cora’s swim, we took the dogs to Baskin Robbins, where they shared a single scoop of blackberry frozen yogurt. We thought they behaved themselves enough to deserve that rare treat. And besides, what’s a beautiful long weekend in Canada without a frozen treat?!

4 Responses to Our Water Baby

  • mom says:

    Wow, bet that was one cold cold swim!

  • Ashley says:

    Way to go Miss C!
    Mulligan swam for the first time at the cottage this weekend but I think it was out of necessity for him to cool down because it was so hot!

    Hope you guys had a great long weekend!!

    • Cathy says:

      That’s great, though, Ashley–even if it was out of necessity! I think once dogs gets in there, most find out they like it. I think Dusty and Hogan would like it, but I can’t get them into the water!

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