Hogan Getting the Hang of Agility

Hogan prefers to sit on a chair like the people while waiting for his turn rather than sitting on the floor like the other four-leggers.

When Hogan began agility training six weeks ago, he was determined to exert as little energy as possible. He walked and sniffed his way over and through all of the obstacles, and the pause table (where his only task was to lie down for five seconds) was his favourite piece of equipment.

However, over the past six weeks, he’s gained some enthusiasm for the sport and has picked up the pace some. He’ll never be an agility star, but for us, it’s all about the fun and the mental and physical exercise, so that’s perfectly okay.

At the four-week mark, I asked trainer Liz to run Hogan through the short course we were working on then so that I could get this video:

As you can see, Hogan is very good at climbing the A-frame. Over the past couple of weeks, he’s been getting much better at figuring out that he has to go through the tunnels. As for the jumps, he’d still rather go around them, but he’s missing them much less now than he was. On Monday, we start the next level of agility training. Go, Hogan, go!

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