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Nick had his hands full walking the three dogs but all went well!

We had a fabulous vacation in Las Vegas and came home to happy, healthy, well-cared-for pups thanks to our dog-sitter, Nick. They were happy to see us, but they’d all (even Cora!) obviously bonded with Nick, too, and were sad to see him go.

Cora just hanging out in the living room.






Nick is now part of an exclusive club of people who have seen carefree, kooky Cora. She woke him with tail wags in the morning and danced around excitedly at meal and treat times. Few people have seen her like that since she hides when “strangers” (even strangers she’s met many times) are at our house.

Friday was a nice day, so Nick took the dogs to his house to hang out in his backyard. Here's Dusty next to Nick's family dog Casper's memorial stone.

Not only did Nick do two walks a day with the dogs; he also cooked chicken for them when he ran out of what I’d prepared and took them on a road trip to meet his mom (she really liked Hogan!) and sniff around his backyard for an afternoon. We obviously weren’t the only ones enjoying a vacation!

Our holiday was fun, but I sure did miss these dogs! It was nice to get home to them (albeit 15 hours later than expected—damn Air Canada). Big thanks to Nick for doing overtime with the dogs, too!

This is the kind of endearing behaviour Nick may have glimpsed around 5 p.m. (walk time) each day:

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