Nick’s Observations on Babysitting Our Babies

Nick shared with me some observations he made about the dogs while he was babysitting. He definitely now knows them all pretty well—his comments are spot-on! He also posted some videos of them to YouTube!

“Dusty is very much a hunting dog.  When walking out of the house, either the front door for a walk or the back door to the backyard, he bays like he is charging with a pack of beagles behind him. He is also the most playful. He will take a toy and rub it in Hogan’s face, usually after dinner. This can cause problems because if he plays too hard, he can get sick. So a few times, I had to distract him with belly rubs or some other way to keep him from bouncing off the walls.”

Video of Dusty and Hogan playing

“Hogan is a bit of a lone ranger. I take that it’s because of his past as a stray. However, he looks for love. Once while on the couch, I was typing something on my phone and when I was finished and put my phone down, Hogan was sitting there staring at me. He then jumped up into my lap and turned over for a belly rub. When you get a good spot, he will use his paws to hold your hand there. He will also follow Dusty around when in a new environment, like my backyard.” [Hogan hates to be without Dusty. The two have really bonded, and I think a lot of Hogan’s confidence comes from Dusty’s proximity.]

Video of Hogan trying to make the comfy couch even more comfy

“Cora. I feel very privileged to be in the ‘Cora club.’ It took about 24–36 hours for Cora to realize that I wasn’t going to hurt her. Once I gained her trust, she really became a different dog. By different dog, I really mean a normal dog. She would come up to me with her tail wagging, usually looking for belly rubs. When I would stop rubbing her, she would do a high-five action to say ‘come back and give me more rubs!’ It really is a night and day difference. She no longer stayed in her ‘safe spot’ on the loveseat in the office and would settle in the living room with me and the boys, watching the NHL playoffs. That was unless the boys were playing or making a commotion; then, she would split like a banana.” [Can’t blame her for that!]

Video of Cora shyly looking for affection before bed

Nick has made it so much easier for us to leave the dogs to go on vacation. Of course, getting home from vacation will always be half the fun of going in the first place!


4 Responses to Nick’s Observations on Babysitting Our Babies

  • Agnes says:

    What a great update and great insights from Nick. With his obvious love for dogs (and Cora’s love for him), I have a feeling he’ll be a regular at your house. 🙂

    • Cathy says:

      LOL! We’re working on that! We have him booked for Saturday now, too. Actually, because of Cora’s timidity, I think it’s important to keep her familiar with him, so we’re hoping to have him here regularly. Fortunately, he lives very close by!

  • Ashley says:

    I keep telling Nick he should start his own business in the Dog industry!
    He is a natural and can make any dog feel comfortable!

    • Cathy says:

      I told him that, too! In a roundabout way, though, he’s pretty much started now, since we’re paying him to babysit and walk our dogs! 🙂

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