The Missouri 5

A few weeks ago, the Animal Guardian Society (TAGS) rescued five small dogs from a puppy mill that was closed down in Missouri. The dogs looked a little worse for wear in their original pictures (see the great Wanted poster Nick Iordanis made, below), but they’re looking so much better now.

Three of the dogs are now ready to be adopted into good homes. Two of them are still struggling to adjust to life outside a cage and will need more time in foster care. I met the Missouri 5 on Saturday and took this video of them (mostly in hopes that my mom might fall for one!):

Wouldn’t you love to give one of these sweethearts a good, loving home after the tough life they’ve had?! (If only I could have four!) These dogs haven’t had it easy. If you would consider adopting one, you might want to first read Nick’s article about adopting a rescued dog.

4 Responses to The Missouri 5

  • Langley says:

    I hope the Missouri 5 all find safe and loving homes. It’s heartwarming to see how well they’re doing so far. My sad, abandoned rescue pup has blossomed into a well-adjusted, awesome family pet. I’m sure the same will happen for those cuties.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks, Langley. I hope the Missouri 5 find homes soon, too. I think they’d all make great additions to some good families. And I like hearing that your sad, abandoned rescue is doing well–especially since my Cora still has some adjusting and blossoming to do. We’re getting there! 🙂

  • M-E Girard says:

    I shouldn’t have looked at this! I want them all!
    I’m overjoyed when I hear of puppies being rescued.
    My writing critique partner started a rescue business in San Diego, CA.
    I couldn’t do that. I wouldn’t be able to let any of them go, and I’d cry all the time. 😛

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