Knitted Dog Sweaters Anyone?

These are the sweaters I knit for the Durham Humane Society. Dusty is modelling a high-neck sweater, and Cora is modelling a hoodie.

I recently knit hoodies for Cora, Dusty, and Hogan, as well as a couple of dog sweaters I donated to the Durham Humane Society through Misty Dawson’s photo-shoot fund-raiser (pictured above) and a hoodie for a friend’s Yorkie. Now I’ve decided to offer dog sweaters to order, with proceeds going to the Animal Guardian Society (TAGS), the rescue from which we adopted Cora and Dusty. Below are more pictures of the hoodies I’ve knit. Add a comment if you want one (for dogs 40 lbs and under only—the pattern doesn’t go any bigger than that)!

Jake in his new hoodie

Cora modelling the first hoodie I knit (for DHS).

Hogan in his sweater. His has dark blue trim.

Dusty's hoodie is a special size to accommodate his long back and deep chest.

Cora looks pretty in her new purple hoodie.

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