Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie

All you dog owners out there know, I’m sure, how hard it is to let an adorable sleeping dog just sleep. Seeing how cute they look—whether curled up in a ball; stretched out in odd seemingly uncomfortable configurations; or even belly and privates up and on display for the world to see—just makes you want to cuddle them, stroke their head, rub their belly. Of course, once you do so, whatever quiet time you might have been enjoying is no longer yours to enjoy. It’s really hard to let cute and cuddly sleeping dogs lie, but lie (and sleep) we must let them do—at least 16 hours a day or thereabouts.

Here are some recent pictures of my pups sleeping:

Twisty Dusty

Cora and Dusty enjoying the sunny spot together on a winter afternoon

This was nice to see. Hogan and Cora don't always get along so well (another story), but a couple of weeks ago, he fell asleep on her.










Temptation to cuddle a sleepy dog also comes from watching one trying not to fall asleep. I caught Hogan on video doing just that:


And here the dogs are in their beds at nighttime. They’re all really good about going into their beds, although Cora likes to shake things up sometimes and take one of the boys’ usual beds. She’s the trouble-maker in the bunch! ;o)

And with that picture fresh in my mind, I think tonight I won’t resist waking those babies and cuddling them just one more time before calling it a night!

8 Responses to Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie

  • Agnes says:

    Oh wow… What sweethearts… That photo with all of them lined up under blankets… It makes me want to curl up right next to them.

  • Laura says:

    Adorbs. I’ve learned to leave Junebug alone. She doesn’t want to sleep when I’m home so if she does I take advantage.

  • Ashley says:

    So cute! I need to start taking some pictures of Mulligan sleeping.
    I do remember one time though I did put a blanket on the bear. Well he thought blankets met it was another chew toy and it had a hole in it by the next morning. Luckily though he didn’t swollow any of it.
    Thanks for sharing the adorable pics!

    • Cathy says:

      We have woken to Cora chewing the corner of the blanket, but it was more like how a baby gnaws on a blanket–she was kind of sucking it. Fortunately, none of these have been chewed up! 🙂 You’ve definitely got to take “sleepy Mulligan” pics!

  • Johanna says:

    What an adorable post! I love how Cora’s ear is sticking up. 🙂

    I’ve been guilty of waking Potter with a cuddle. So mean of me, but she’s just so sweet. She never seems to mind, and now that she’s older she just puts up with it and then falls back to sleep.

    Thanks for the smiles!

    • Cathy says:

      Potter’s just such a sweetheart! Roxie never seemed to mind us waking her either. Hogan doesn’t take too kindly to it, so I leave him be, but Cora and Dusty love the cuddles pretty much anytime!

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