Dusty’s New Friend Jake

Shortly after we adopted Cora and Dusty, our friends Len and Nancy got an adorable Yorkie puppy. Jake is a squiggly, affectionate little dog. We brought Cora and Dusty to meet Jake in June when Len and Nancy first brought him home, but neither of our dogs (we didn’t yet have Hogan) knew what to do with such a small dog. Now that Jake is a little bigger (he’s nearly 10 pounds), we had him over for a play date.

Lots of sniffing going on.

For the first 20 minutes or so of the visit, Jake spent a lot of time on his back, letting Dusty get a good whiff of him. He seemed a little nervous at times, though I think his dad was the more nervous one! Hogan mostly veered away from Jake, although he did get close a few times for a sniff. If Jake looked in Hogan’s direction, though, Hogan snarled or barked. Jake learned rather quickly that Dusty would be the fun one.

And sure enough, Dusty and Jake played really well together. Dusty was so much gentler with Jake than he is with Hogan—just as he plays more gently with Cora. Dusty is such a special dog!

Cora eventually came out to see what all the fuss was about, and once Jake set eyes on Cora, he wouldn’t leave her alone. His nose seemed permanently attached to her bum, then her ears, then any part of her he could get close enough to. She actually growled and even barked at him. (That means we’ve now heard Cora bark about four times. That’s how rare her bark is—and also tells how aggravated she got. But it was great that she stood up for herself. After that, we stepped in and rescued her from Jake’s relentless nose.)

Since Dusty had had a pretty eventful day (we’d had professional portraits done by Misty Dawson earlier in the day), after a couple of hours of play, he decided to settle into his bed. Jake wasn’t quite so willing to let him nap though! Dusty was a good sport about it, even giving in and launching himself out of bed (as seen in this hilarious action shot!):

Okay then, let's play!

I caught some of Dusty and Jake’s playtime on video, too:

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