Hogan Graduated (kind of with honours)!

Yesterday, we attended our last Obedience Level One class with Hogan. The TAGS eight-week training course is really excellent, and the last class is the best because we spend it playing games with our dogs (and eating cake afterward).

Hogan had fantastic classmates. We started out with a larger class, but only three dogs attended the graduation, unfortunately: Hogan, Bailey, and Mikey. Ty, Andree’s dog, “the model dog,” was there, too. So these were Hogan’s classmates (competitors in the last class):

Bailey the adorable, happy beagle

Mikey--he looks like a big dog, but he's not! He's a cutie!

Our first competition was an obstacle course that we had to do with the dogs heeling, sitting in hoops on command, and lying down on command. And it was a timed event. And we had to walk the course with a Frisbee on our head (so we weren’t watching what the dog was doing but just trusting him or her to obey). Hogan won that one, but it was close.

Ty is Andree's (one of our instructors) dog. He's very handsome and very smart!

The next event was musical hoops. With only three dogs competing, it’s a pretty fast game. Hogan narrowly won that one, too. He and Mikey got in the hoop at the same time, but Hogan went into a sit more quickly.

Hogan and Mikey battling it out for the win in musical hoops

We all had a lot of fun with dog bowling. In this game, we had to try to get the dog to knock down all the bowling pins. I think we unanimously believed Bailey would win this one because her tail’s going all the time, and she’s such a happy, wiggly dog. We were all surprised by how delicate and graceful she was when presented with the bowling pins. She kept walking either around them or between them! It was very funny. In two minutes, she didn’t manage to knock down a single pin.

Bailey bowling


Hogan did a little better but tired of the game when he found out Daddy didn’t have any treats in his hand and other people in the room just might! Here’s a video of Hogan bowling:

As you might’ve guessed, Mikey won this game! After a few more games, Mikey and Hogan were tied at three a piece, and Bailey had won two, so we went into sudden death overtime. The game: The Fastest Down/Stay, a game that Bailey had won. It was anyone’s game, and we were all on the edges of our seats waiting to see who would come out the victor. Upon the “start” signal, the dads moved forward with their dogs in a heel, and then the “Down” order came. Wes quickly manoeuvred Hogan into the down/stay just a fraction of a second before Mikey got into his. Victory was Hogan’s! All of the competitors were very sportsmanlike, wagging their tails and sniffing Hogan in congratulations. (He won some great prizes. Thanks, TAGS!) And then the dogs got to don their graduation caps. Yay! (For more “Hogan in training” stories, click here and here.)


Hogan doing one last down/stay before the class graduation pic

Hogan's graduating class (l-r: Bailey, Hogan, Mikey)

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