Cora Learning to Play

Over the past few weeks, Cora has started to play more regularly. Almost every morning, she starts the day by waking Dusty and wrestling with him. He plays so much more gently with her than he does with Hogan. It’s as if he knows he has to be cautious with her or she won’t play with him. Whenever Cora sees me watching them play, she stops, as if she’s not supposed to be doing it. So I try not to let her see me. I tried once to get their wrestling on video, but activity stopped immediately.

However, earlier this week, I managed to get a video of Cora chewing a toy. This is a big step for her. Fortunately, Dusty let her have the toy. All too often, when he takes a toy away (as he does in this video), she walks away. This time, though, she took it right back from him. Girl power!

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