It’s the Scariest Time of the Year

On the weekend, we went out and bought the dogs’ Halloween costumes because we won’t have time this month to make our own (next year, though!). I saw some really cute ones online but didn’t want to pay the shipping charges. The selection at Petsmart wasn’t fantastic, but it wasn’t bad.

So we have a couple of superheroes and a witch. We looked for a Wonder Woman costume for Cora so we could have three superheroes, but no luck. We think she makes a beautiful witch though. What do you think?

With her sweet disposition, we didn't really expect Cora to rock this costume quite as much as she does. But turns out, she makes a great witch!

The boys look pretty adorable in their costumes, too. Dusty wanted to fly like Superman but didn’t quite make it off the ground. We still think he’s pretty super, though!

A bird? A plane? It's SuperDusty!

Hogan’s bat ears look sillyβ€”and he kept ducking his head as if trying to get away from them, so I don’t think we’ll bother with them on Halloween. Nevertheless, he’s an adorable Batman, but mainly because he’s an adorable dog! (Poor guy didn’t look nearly as comfortable as Cora and Dusty in his costume. Hopefully, shedding the ears will make him look happier as Batman!)

Hogan wasn't quite sure what to make of being in costume. Nevertheless, he makes a cute Batdog!

And here are a couple of pictures of the three of them. We’re all very much looking forward to Halloween!

Our scary Halloween crew

Oooh! Spooky!

14 Responses to It’s the Scariest Time of the Year

  • Agnes says:

    Omg! Beyond adorable! They’d score treats at my house for sure.

  • Ashley says:

    Can we please have a hallowe’en party on Sunday Oct 30th at the dog park up at TAGS?

  • Mom says:

    Dusty really does pose like an authentic Superman with his head held up so high…like he’s asking for admiration. LOL.

  • Laura says:

    Roxie would be proud to call them family.

  • Louise says:

    Haha! Too cute! I love how Dusty seems to be the only one okay with the whole costume idea. Awesome costumes!

  • Ashley says:

    The Saturday after Thanksgiving I am taking Mr. Mulligan up to the dog park for some general merriment with his dog friends! If I see any of the volunteers I will ask them if we can do that as sort of a fundrasier. I will bake cup cakes!!

    • Cathy says:

      We might see you next Saturday then! We’ll be bringing Hogan to obedience classes. I likely won’t let him in the park yet, though. He’s unpredictable with other dogs (one of the reasons we’re doing the class with him despite already doing it with Dusty and Cora).

  • Andree says:

    A couple of other geat sources for doggie costumes are Homesense iand Old Navy if you can believe it! You never know what you’ll find there.

    I clicker trained Ty to get him to wear his first Holloween costume (which included a pirate hat). Since then he puts up with me very nicely.

    The dogs look adorable!!!

    • Cathy says:

      Homesense and Old Navy?! Good to know! We wanted to make our own costumes but just didn’t have time this year. Next year! And Ty’s so good with clicker training! I love the pirate hat idea! If you can post a picture in the comment, would you post one, Andree? (I don’t know if you can or not.)

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