Dusty’s Mysterious Limp

Dusty at the TAGS dog park

A couple of months ago, we noticed Dusty favour his hind left leg. But then he stopped. A week or so later, he favoured it again. And then he stopped. This past week, he’s been favouring it again—and he’s been consistently favouring it for 24 hours now. His limp is most pronounced when he first stands up, so it appears to be stiff, but he’s not even two years old, so it concerns me that he’d feel such stiffness at this age. Yesterday I called the vet and emailed Roxie’s former chiropractor, Dr. Tandy. We’ve got a vet appointment for Thursday (could’ve had one yesterday, but we had a funeral to attend) but hope to get a chiropractic appointment before that. Of course, it’s the long weekend. These things always get worrisome on a long weekend.

The thing is that, like all dogs, Dusty doesn’t let it slow him down. He still attempts a full-out run on our walks despite being leashed; he still lifts his right leg to pee, thereby putting most of his weight on the favoured leg; he still rather effortlessly jumps onto the love seat to claim his favourite spot; and he still encourages Hogan to chase him around the backyard or upstairs hallway and always stays a good length ahead.

But today he is more subdued, and a subdued Dusty worries me. I’ve massaged his leg, and although he really seems to enjoy it, it doesn’t seem to be helping. I considered giving him Metacam, but I fear masking the pain could make him do more damage to it and cause him more pain later. So today I will encourage him to rest. And we will hope that tomorrow the limp is less…or that Dr. Tandy will have already had her turkey dinner and is available to do an assessment and, if necessary, an adjustment.

Postscript: Turns out Dusty doesn’t think he needs rest. He’s running around the backyard as if nothing’s wrong—and with no limp. Huh.

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  • Jana Rade says:

    So sorry about Dusty’s leg!

    There is no point in guessing, it is good that you are pursuing a firm diagnosis. Best of luck, keep us posted.

  • Laura says:

    Cathy, have you checked his paws? My friend’s basset once had a *walnut* stuck in her paw pad. Could she be picking up pebbles?? Sally thinks her paws work like Mary Poppins carpet bag.

    • Cathy says:

      Thanks for the idea, Laura (and really–a walnut?! Ha ha!). I did check Dusty’s paws, thinking there might be a sliver or something since it comes and goes so much, but I can’t find anything. The chiropractor thinks she should see him after the vet assesses him, so guess we’re waiting till Thursday.

  • Ashley says:

    Hopefully Dusty feels better soon!

    Will your three dogs be up at the dog park this weekend? Im planning on bringing Mulligan!

    • Cathy says:

      Hogan will be there because he’s starting obedience classes. He’s afraid of other dogs though, and shows it by being growly. I won’t be bringing him into the park, unfortunately. I hope I’ll meet you, though! What kind of dog is Mulligan?

  • Ashley says:

    Mulligan is a lab retreiver mix. I hope to still bring him. We have to take him to the vet today because his left eye is swollen and goopy. He was playing at the cottage over the long weekend and he was digging on the shore and face diving into the sand and waves (cutest thing ever but what a mess). But we think he got some debris or lacerations on his cornea.
    So hopefully he is okay to come this weekend!

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