Cora’s Tumours

In July, I discovered that Cora had a lump under one of her nipples. When I brought her to the vet to have her examined, more lumps in her chest and belly were discovered. We booked her in for surgery. I also bought a book that gave me information about what to feed a dog with cancer. I learned not to feed her pork, so pigs’ ears came off the snack menu, and I started to put flax seed oil in all the dogs’ food at dinnertime. (There are many other diet recommendations for dogs with cancer, plus a whole lot of other fantastic information, at

Cora came out of surgery really well. Dr. Steele seemed surprised by how active and alert she was in her crate. (He thinks her age to be closer to eight, whereas other vets estimated her, based on her teeth, to be five. We’ve decided to treat her as seven because she has a tattoo in her ear that says “04” that I suspect might be the year she was born.) When I picked Cora up from the vet, she was excited to see me but a little disoriented. I’d brought her some food since she hadn’t eaten since the night before, and she gobbled it up happily in the car. Then she slept all the way home.

Cora in her t-shirt

Cora’s brothers were happy to see her and took great joy in sniffing her after what they probably deemed her adventurous day out. We kept a t-shirt on Cora for the two weeks between her surgery and her stitches coming out so that she, Dusty, and Hogan couldn’t lick her sutures.

For a week, we were on pins and needles waiting to hear the results of her biopsies. In the meantime, I read a lot about mammary tumours and learned that 50% of canine breast cancers are eliminated just with the removal of the tumours, so I held on to the hope that even if one of the tumours was malignant, Cora would be fine. Her biggest tumour was still not all that big, so that also gave us hope.

And then the call from the vet clinic came. Cora didn’t have cancer! All of her tumours (four were removed) were benign.

Cora’s hair has all grown back in now, and she looks as good as new. She’s more energetic than we’ve ever seen her and is such a happy dog (when she’s not overthinking things). Now that she’s been given a clean bill of health, we’re hopeful that we’ll have many years of showing her just how good life can be.

(P.S. Yay for Trupanion Pet Insurance!)

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