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Cathy Witlox is everything you could want in a copy editor. She is organized and thorough. She has a fine eye for detail and an encyclopedic knowledge of grammar and style. Above all, she has respect for the written word, including the judgment to understand when rules must be kept and must be broken. And she also has patience and a sense of humour that helps in navigating through the many snags that inevitably show up in a long manuscript. I’ve worked with several copy editors over the years, and she is among the best.”

—Cathy McKercher
Author, The Canadian Reporter


Cathy’s unique flair for the English language transforms phrases into easy-to-consume prose that’s as lip-smacking a treat as cotton candy at the midway!”

—Kathleen A. Wagner
Author, The Least You Should Know about English, 3rd Cdn ed


Worthy of special note is the outstanding editing work performed by Cathy Witlox. Your dedication to correcting errors made in the initial draft, your exemplary attention to the smallest of details, and your perceptive questions made you an absolute joy to work with. Thank you especially for working late at night in order to meet publisher deadlines.”
— Denis Shackel
Author, Five Seconds at a Time (in Acknowledgements)


You made grammar fun when another person could have turned it into a very dry discourse that put us to sleep.”

Leah Braemel
Published author and grammar-workshop participant


Not a day goes by that I don’t thank the writing gods for sending me Cathy Witlox, my personal grammar angel.”

— Debbie Rankine, The Fridge Whisperer


Cathy is a thorough, reliable and extremely knowledgeable copy editor, and I know I can trust that she’s put all that knowledge toward every project I send her.”

—Wendi Phillips, Managing Editor
Ariad Custom Communications