Why hire a professional editor?

Quality matters to you. It matters to your prospective clients; to your consumers; or to the editor, agent, or reader who may consider buying your book.

Great written material has four primary traits:

  • It communicates what the writer intended it to.
  • It grabs the reader’s interest.
  • Its meaning is clear.
  • It is error-free.

WordWitlox is committed to providing superior editing services to publishing houses, businesses, government agencies and departments, associations, and individuals.

Cathy Witlox, an editor trained and experienced in a variety of editing skills, offers

  • Nearly twenty years’ full-time experience (both in-house and freelance)
  • Expertise in both Canadian and American English grammar and style
  • A fundamental respect for clients’ objectives, priorities, and budgets

Cathy delivers accuracy and consistency, solid editorial guidance, indisputable respect for the writer’s voice or the company’s brand, and creative and skilful editing. Click here to learn more about Cathy’s services.